Front pages

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

So in class we had to compare front pages of different newspapers.  My assigned section was Kanasas.

The newspapers I compared in class were Garden City Telegarm, The Hutchinson News, and The Daily Union. Since I presented more about The Daily Union, I’ll be blogging about the other two.

** Unfortunately my computer is being weird and not letting me post the pictures**

The Garden City seemed like a smaller newspaper circulation due to the focus on the locality of stories. All three newspapers had something about the oil spill, but only the Daily Union gave the story a central focus on it’s front page.

The Hutchinson News, like The Garden City, also ran more local-focused stories. Both papers only ran a small bit of the oil spill on the side. Only the Daily Union ran the story above the fold.

Other than that, all layouts were very clean with very minimal white space. I liked the size of pictures in The Garden City, although the pictures were more featuresque.

All in all, the newspapers had layouts that I found pretty good.


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