Laser pointers damage eyes

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So they may seem fun at first, but your mother was right. Laser pointers can actually hurt your eyes- permanently.

According to The New York Times, citing The New England Journal of Medicine, a 15-year-old boy suffered “lasting visual impairment” after playing with his laser pointer in front of the mirror.

The article cites Dr. Martin K. Schmid, who wrote that laser pointers sold to the general public used to only have a maximum power level of five milliwatts. These were considered “relatively safe.”

However, the laser pointer in the case of the minor had a power output of 150 milliwatts.

Talk about a huge difference.

Dr. Schmid said consumers can prevent incidences like this from happening to themselves or their own children by buying only legal laser, avoiding some that may be sold online. The safest laser is a Class 1, which only outputs one milliwat.

Regardless of the level of your laser, definitely do not point it at anyone’s eyes or in the mirror.


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